Amethyst: A Review of The Psychic Crystal That Can Help You With Your Readings.

Why Psychics Love Amethyst Crystals…psychic online, psychic crystals

Amethyst crystals are a favorite among psychics of all levels and abilities. Probably because of its spectacular beauty, or perhaps because of its longs list of benefits such as

  • Physical and emotional healing abilities.  Amethyst is known to help increase hormones to healthy levels, and even strengthen the immune system to help fight off illnesses and infections.
  • Calming abilities. Put Amethyst under your pillow and it can cure insomnia and cause you to have relaxing dreams.  This crystal is also known to relieve negative thoughts and stress, helpful to those who are hyperactive, or have obsessive compulsive disorder.lucid dreaming, meditation crystal

Amethyst can help you with your addictions.crystal psychic, psychic stones

Since ancient times, Amethyst has been known as the sobriety stone. In ancient Greece, they would use the stone to prevent drunkenness.

You can use Amethyst to help with any addiction you are dealing with such as alcohol, cigarette smoking, gambling, etc.

Boost your spirituality!mindful, mindfulness meditation, meditation techniques

Perfect for meditation and lucid dreaming, Amethyst can be placed under one’s pillow, or on one’s forehead to increase spirituality and intuition.

This crystal is said to vibrate at the same frequency as the third eye. Abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and past life regression are enhanced.

It can even help with psychic readings!

Psychics love Amethyst because these crystals are sometimes known as the protection crystal. The crystal attracts positive energy and filters out the negative. This means it can protect us from negative entities and spirits during readings.crystals for protection, protection crystals

Because amethyst works so effectively with the third eye, it can help clear any energy blocks clients may have and allow you to tap into your intuition more deeply.

Where can I buy Amethyst?

Here’s a link to some high quality hand picked Amethyst

This crystal is awesome! Have fun, and good luck.

-Eric Rea